Label: SlothBoogie Recordings
Cat: SBLP003
Format: 12″ 2 x Orange Vinyl LP + Digital Album
Genre: House, Deep House, Acid, Disco House
Release Date: 7th July – All Formats
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It’s time once again to grab your friends and get to the floor as SlothBoogie take us for a 16-track ride through all facets of their sound. The London-based crew calls up familiar faces and brings in new names for the third volume of their Dancing With Friends compilation series. It’s a varied, juicy bunch of tracks, starting the vibes off in the innocent sunshine before descending into the sort of raw atmosphere you’d find in a dimly-lit club basement.

Delectable deep house features in the form of Philippa’s jazzy ‘Chet’s Vibe’, the funk-infused ‘Skleyka’ by Lowres and the intimate, sexy ‘We On Dis Ting’ by Tiptoes. Intr0beatz also smashes out a lovely slab of key-laden house in his signature style on ‘While You’re Here’ and the final track of the comp, ‘So Sure’ by HNQO is a sample-heavy broken beat that stops and starts and falls subconsciously into a highly danceable groove. An honourable mention goes out to ‘Raw Disco Bastards’ by Craftmanship, too, which leads the pack in taking things dirtier and deeper.

Slipping you gently into the nighttime, Baby Rollén’s ‘Study In Serenity’ offers an electronic acid squelch while the likes of Sudden Moves‘ ‘Take Back’, King Julian’s ‘I Miss You’ and The Revenge’s ‘Take Hold (Dub)’ cruise through with polished, elegant house music.

If tops have come off and you’re looking for a faster energy, look no further than Ruff Stuff’s pummelling no-holds-barred ‘Stab Culture’. Or check out Demuir’s absolutely baffling madness on ‘Industry State’ – insane.

Dancing With Friends Vol.3 throws curveballs in left, right and centre. Kristy Harper’s ‘Out Of Character’ is one – her vocals ride over a fast almost hyperpop style beat. Jive Talk’s ‘4EVA 4C1D’ is a hedonistic, head-turning, bubbling acid bassline centred around luscious breaks.

Scruscru’s ‘Camel Ride’ pairs a frenzy of percussion with dubbed-out horns and yet another acid bassline to form a proper peak-time banger. We can’t not mention Donald Dust’s fantastic ‘Aftercare’. Here, a Giorgio Morodor-esque arpeggiating synth riff floats over punching drums to add a splash of retro Cowley to the collection.

From the sun traps of London’s rooftops to the windowless chaos of Studio 54, SlothBoogie provides for all and doesn’t hold back an inch.