New Club!
New fun in Prenzlberg!
Soundproof BASSment!!!
Check out YoUR SeLF!
DJs Mijk van Dijk + Sergej Gorn
House Music all night long!
Pappelallee 65, 10437 Berlin

It’s not unusual that clubs have their own restaurants, like „Cream“ at „Cookie’s“ or „Katerschmaus“ at „Katerholzig“. First fine dining, then advanced clubbing. Now „Stadt Land Fluss“, the fine restaurant at Pappelallee 65 in Prenzlauer Berg is doing that the other way around: they open a club in the basement under their location. The best news for everybody still mourning the closing of many fine clubs in Prenzlauer Berg like „Icon“ due to protests of often newly moved residents: this club is soundproof.

Big bass inside, silence outside.
Sounds like fun? Yes, it does! ;-)
Regular clubbing starts in September.
This is a club-warming party for friends and curious cats.
So come and check out YoUR SeLF.