24.04 CABINET OF WONDERS “ Lux Collection “ Chalet-Club Berlin

Chalet’s Cabinet of Wonders is a new series of multidisciplinary events taking place at Chalet-Club. Inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities from Renaissance Europe, each event gathers and presents a patchwork of creative works from various performers and artists to actualize an enchanting evening filled with  enlightment and discovery. Each event begins at eight in the evening and will be themed around one central topic. The first Chalet’s Cabinet of Wonders, « Lux Collection » transports you into the magic of the light and the power it reveals or conceals. Installations, performances and live-music transform the Chalet into a labyrinth of illuminations. Cabinet of Wonders « Lux Collection », a radiant evening where you’re part of the luminous flux. Be ready to light your fire to shine with the stars …

starts 20h

Acid Pauli & Nu
La Chatte
Sirene Photona
Danny Faber
Ryan Mathiesen
Ali Arbeit
Tape Over
Laser Lukas
Automat der Bilder
Jane Fondue

For this first Cabinet of Wonders, the radiant duo Nu & Acid Pauli light up the night and share the first floor space with Sirene Photona from Zurich. She presents an installation that captures light photons and spreads them throughout the space to bring you into your own true flow. Ali Arbeit from the Pantheon Bar opens and closes the room, and Jane Fondue aka Tina Loosli, founder of Partyfood, revisits the concept of drinking shots. The Tape Over crew will introduce a new creation which is part of the process of transforming Chalet’s upstairs room complete with their works.

Downstairs, enter a darker atmosphere with Laser Lukas’s lightrays and the extravagant band La Chatte. Originally from Paris, the band will present their new album « Crash Océan ». The members are the singer and fashion designer Vava Dudu, the polymorphous musician Nicolas Jorio as well as Stephane Argillet from the art collective France Fiction and Mitte-based concept store Uni+Form. The Chalet team is part of the curiosities with Danny Faber and Ryan Mathiesen behind the DJ booth. For a souvenir of this enlightening evening, the invention from Marvin Haem Automat der Bilder offers you to take surprising pictures … Light artist FGF creates a welcoming installation that will stay over the weekend for the opening of Chalet-Club’s beautiful garden!

Chalet Club
Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, 10997 Berlin

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