Heizraum Concert Series 6 @ Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik 28.6.2013 ab 21 Uhr

Before the summer definitely hits Berlin get the chance to dive into Heizraum’s basement for a multivitamined night of freaky tunes and hot moves.



Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik
Siemensstrasse 27, 10551 Berlin, Moabit


ORPHAN FAIRYTALE – A maze of ever-changing Casio trips dripping with childish ecstasy, a belly dancer oozing for endless adolescence playing with burned dolls in a Barbie house filled with pedals and looptapes! Melanchotronic folk reminiscent to some Moondog, the contemporary Finnish crew, Delia Derbyshire and Asian pop.

TOXYDOLL was created in Berlin at the beginning of 2013. The band pursues a strong punk sound, still keeping the diverse approaches of four free improvisers. The idea is to make “free impro”, never losing the required punch. During its first tour, the band has recorded a full set of songs live in Berlin, at The Loophole. The recording of the night has been chosen by Aut records for an on-line release, which will be published in June 2013.

KRACH DER ROBOTER is a very electronic musician. Krach was designed for military use, but managed to develop a high level of artificial intelligence, became pacifistic and started becoming involved in arts and culture. The robot played noisy techno shows in London, Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris and is a regular guest at the annual Viennese Cocktail Robotics fair „Roboexotica“.

“DJ MULTITASKING is one of the most interesting djs these days within the berlin scene. R Villalobos“

IKU SAKAN is a Experimental Musician, Improvisor and DJ. Often dealing with various mixing technique, realizing electronic/organic sound colors, raw eclectic madness, alternative funkaholic ectoplasm and joyful electronics.