As time flies by, things follow it’s natural course. We change in appearance, attitude and behavior and every impression of us is only a captured moment of an ongoing process. While we continue to develop further, it is the birthday that serves as a reminder of this beautiful procedure called your life.

Sa, 14.06.2014, 14h till sunday morning

Iron Curtis (Retreat, Mirau)
Secret Act *live (Magic Jams)
Moodwax (electrifique, moda black)
Thabo Getsome (King Street Sounds, Clap Your Hands)
Tim Vitá (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen)
Oliver Gehrmann (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen)
Renzky (Van Liebling)
Xaver Hirsch (Local Talk)

IPSE (Hinterm Freischwimmer)
Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b 10997 Berlin–Kreuzberg