Your favorites DJs favorite record label invites to a special night out. The CYH crew gathers to make you wanna loose control. Put on your dancing shoes and get your groove and don´t forget to CLAP YOUR HANDS!

Line Up:

Ian Pooley (Innervision, Pooled Music)
Ray Okpara (Mobilee, Oslo)
Gunnar Stiller (CYH, Upon You)
Marcel Knopf (Mo´s Ferry, CYH)
Micha Klang (CYH, Tabla)
Thabo Getsome (Suara, CYH)
Henk (CYH, Kosmonaut)
Malte Seddig (Mo´s Ferry, CYH)
Michael Stach (CYH, MSTCH)
ZeitlupenUwe (Familie Gold, CYH)

Friday, July 18th 2014

Wiesenweg 1-4, Berlin
10365 Berlin

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