Von 24. April um 18:00 bis 25. April um 01:00

Hauptstr.15, 10317 Berlin

The Prime exhibition 24th april ,Sysiphos/Berlin

Participating Artist:
The Prime exhibition 24th april , sysiphos
Stefania Artusi – Pharaz Azimi – Stainer Chindebvu – Anneliese Greve – Jarek Ilski – Marco Morici – Yannick Riemer – Stefan Rosinski – Inia Steinbach – Darrell Weisner – Nicolas Wiese

21 pm : Audio visual Performance

The Prime is an Art Project directed between UDK art Students and Non student artists. it’s a collaboration to bring artists together in different rooms and spaces to experience new atmosphere in art scene out of white cube galleries and art institutes. The Prime is Self Organized Group and laying on its each member abilities. They have decided to start their first event at Sysiphos because of it’s history and background. on 24th April audience have this chance to visit their favorite club in Berlin in a new Form. During the exhibition will not be any party except live music and Audio-Visual performance.


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