Samstag um 22:00

Hauptstr. 15, 10317 Berlin

We are about to turn 9. 9 years on the dancefloor, dear friends, this is not a joke! 9 years of standing for quality, underground, our family, 9 years of choosing what is right instead of what is easy, 9 years of being truly blessed by doing something we love. It’s been quite a ride for past 9 years – every weekend, every gig was a ride, too. And, damn it, we are still unbroken, alive and kicking. So, let’s get together to celebrate the magical music that brings us together, but also just to celebrate each other, real friendships that came along with work. Let’s get drunk in the best club Berlin has to offer, and get lost in the music, this time brought to you by those outstanding artists…

(Some of them long awaited by us, some of them coming from very far, some of them making their debut in Sisyphos, some of them – old foxes who know how to work that Hamma Halle, and some, total newcomers ♥ )

Bit of Both Live
Emizence Live
Falling Cows B2B
Forest People
Jozak Sander
kane roth
Moog Conspiracy
Theo Komp