Von 22. Mai um 22:00 bis 24. Mai um 22:00

Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Diesmal mit:

→ Wave Reform
→ Parallel
→ Griessmühle Open Air
→ That Place
→ Prism
→ That Place + Prism after hour

/// Freitag

→ Wave Reform

__Qindek (Wavereform, Wolfskuil Records / Netherlands) – liveact
__Laiva (Wavereform, Finland) – liveact
__Juras Lietus (Wavereform / Latvia) – liveact
__Boyd Schidt (Wavereform / Georgia)
__Ryba (Female Pressure, Studio r° / Germany)

→ Parallel

__Alland Byallo (Third Ear Recordings, Bad Animal)
__Metropolis (Field Records, Sequencias, Parallel) -Liveact
__Daniela La Luz (Rawax, Sound Warrior )Liveact
__Mikki (WBCJ, Parallel)
__Layered Love (Sweet Chin Music)

/// Samstag

→ Griessmühle Open Air

__Alienata (Killekill)
__Rufus (Bosconi Records)
__Wahid Paradis (Squat Deluxe)

→ That Place

__Sacha Mambo aka MZKBX (That Place / Macadam Mambo – FR)
__Visitors for Reworks (That Place / Palma Soundsystem – FR)
__Love Comedy (That Place – JP)
__Juliano (That Place – FR)

→ Prism

__PRCDRL (pronounced Procedural) – liveact
__H. (Aitchpoint / What about Techno!)
__Lily’s Rose (Kyo Club/ Singapore)
__Frank Müller aka. Beroshima
__Time Traveller (systematic rec.)
__Charnaux (Rave.The.City/ München)

/// Sonntag

→ That Place + Prism after hour

__Laura BCR (Bass Cadet Records – DE)
__& Special Guest (City Fly / Faces – JP)
__That Place Family(That Place / Fr)
__Frank Müller aka Beroshima
__Kat Kat Tat (mugmug.me / Buenos Aires)
__SÅL (Harry Klein / Schirmherrschaft)

/// Sonntag ab 12 Uhr half price.