IRON CURTIS (Mirau, Retreat, Smallville)


Iron Curtisʼ pieces originate in a place simultaneously tuned to the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and Hamburg. Intertwining Deep-House with soulful Techno in a disturbingly enchanting manner, his sound moves in the equilibrium of reduced, but never minimal. Profound music for the dance floor! He is currently living in Berlin and releasing for Mirau, Morris Audio, JackOff, Retreat, and Mule Electronic.


Love Commitment – Retreat
Remember – Closer
Iron Curtis & Leaves Present SMPL – Hello Ada – Black Keys
Daniel – Smallville
Spirals EP – Polytone Records
Never give up EP – Midnight Shift
Glazing EP – Retreat
Soft Wide Waist Band LP – Mirau
Thoughts On EP – 4Lux
Just Us (And Them) EP – Jackoff
Til You Go EP – Morris/Audio
Stansfield EP – Hudd Traxx
Way back home EP – Mule Electronic
There and then EP – Morris Audio Citysport Edition
Goma EP – Kolour Recordings
Stumbled Across EP – Retreat


J.E.E.P. – Answering machine (Iron Curtis Remix) – Carry On
Akra – Tunnelvision (Iron Curtis Chant Mix) – Teng On
Hot Coins – Freestyle Lover (Iron Curtis Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv On
Jay Shepheard – String Theory (Iron Curtis Remix) – Retrofit On
Me Succeeds – Seventeen (Iron Curtis Remix) – Ki Records On
Leslie Clio – I couldn’t care less (Iron Curtis Remix) – Vertigo/Universal On
Jacob Korn – She (Iron Curtis Remix) – Uncanny Valley On
Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Golden Snake (Iron Curtis Remix) – The Exquisite Pain On
Ripperton – City Lights (Iron Curtis Remix) – Tamed Musiq On
Mano Le Tough – Let’s Love Baby (Iron Curtis Remix) – Dirt Crew Recordings

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