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Spezial Halloween Edition
GULP is an underground DJ driven by his fanaticism for vinyl. His constant search to find music to create the perfect atmosphere leads him to produce eclectic sets. Growing up in Buenos Aires able him to discover and contribute to the underground scene that the city has to offer. He had the opportunity to participate in important events and found projects such as Interplanetary People and Stop Making Sense. He shared booth with some of the most respected Djs: Luciano, Thomas Melchior, DJ Koze, DeeJason, Dr.Trincado, Franco Cinelli, Birdsmakingmachine, Felipe Valenzuela, DJ Koolt, Dani Casarano, Federico Molinari, Papol, Dfunklub, Manuk, DJ Florencio, Dintun, Alfonso Villegas, Z@p, Manuel Jelen, Astelaguel & Proyecto House, among others.

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, he started collecting records back in 1998 influenced by the Detroit and Chicago scene, and, without knowing, he started his dj/producer career when he was still at school. Things took even more shape when he started producing, using software and hardware synthesizers. Based on a carefully selected record collection, he considers himself more a Dj than a producer: „Of course we have amazing producers now in days but in my opinion, best music has already been created and is waiting for us to be rediscovered and played at the right moment.“ After living 6 years in Barcelona where he was one of the White Monky residents, he moved to Berlin. Growing up with such impact, could only describe the reason why he has so much passion in giving back everything he learned about music showing us what can be done in his mind.