Sylvie started producing electronic music at the age of 14. One year later she played at clubs in Berlin. After turning 18, she signed her first contract with the label „Bassnation“ for releasing tracks. First music was just a passion, but then it evolved into more: it became an entire attitude towards life.
Labels: BerlinaFürTechno / Ears & Eyes

I am what I produce — Almost no sentence describes the young Berlin Artist Sylvie Maziarz better. At a tender age of 14 she already displayed a great interest in recording and playing a variety of melodies and rhythms.

Starting out was really tough for the young artist; it even felt helpless at times but she pushed through and accomplished what she set out for in as little as a year. Her passion for techno transformed her into DJ and brought her public viewers, which ranged from the techno enthusiasts to astonished tourists, to the dance floor.

She has been touring from club to club under the name Sylvie Maziarz. Whether it is a tad playful or extremely emotional-always connected with hard techno beats-she set the mood and brought entrancement to her audience. This is something Sylvie Maziarz knows all too well.
Both the Berlin Labels „Ears & Eyes“ and „BerlinaFürTechno“ have watched the profound talent of the young DJane for many years in awe as well as admiring and supporting her throughout her career.

The mixture of those sweat inducing nights and everlasting anecdotes resulted in the number one release in the beginning of 2015 – “FLUSH OF ANGER” from the label “Bassnation Rec”.

The ambiance between the dark bass and alluring melody elements made „FLUSH OF ANGER“ a story to remember.

With that she landed a 1rd and 3th place on the Top Ten Label charts on Beatport as well as 36th place on the Techno charts, which can all be found at

She was allowed to grace her presence in countries such as Poland to Spain and everything in-between.

The Berliner does not understand the concept of stopping and she will be around for years to come, displaying her music to the people across the globe.