4.6. Paradise Garage @ Auster Club


Motto & Dress Code: Paradise Garage

Paradise Garage, one of the most legendary dance clubs of all times, dominated New York`s nightlife from 1977 till 1987 and shaped the musical landscape of disco and house in the early 80s. The club had a magical atmosphere, reason enough to have it as motto for our first dressed up Electro party.

So get out your 70’s or 80’s outfit and come to party with us at Electronic Carnival. It will be a lot of fun!


STEVE NASH [ Dantze, Circle Music ]

MAURO FEOLA [ Beitola ]

WENZEL MEHNERT [ Tiefenrausch, Echogarden ]

04.06.2016 // 11 PM // Auster Club

6€ till 1am / after 8€

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