Sat 28.05.2016, 23.59h
Kosmonaut, Friedrichshain, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin S Ostkreuz or S/U Frankfurter Allee


This summer starts with a Bang:
confirmed is MATTHEW STYLES, who is a chart topper right now with his EP „Sleepless“ on Crosstown Rebel and his „Planes“-Remix for Dinky on OstgutTon. After his impressive MEMBERS debut last year, you can be sure that he will sound the bell right for summer with the best of beats and bass.

Our second headliner is London’s BORJA PEÑA who was part of the infamous party DISH, currently touring with the up-and-coming Cucarachas and is resident at MEMBERS London. Last summer he was setting the garden on fire like there was no tomorrow.

He has gotten dear to our hearts due to his excellent DJ skills and his right-on selections: SEAN ANDINO is becoming a regular, surprising us every time!

Only under the auspice of MARC MIROIR, this night will be complete! His ability to make MEMBERS move, is known – though he is re-inventing himself new every time, so that we are really looking forward to his elaborate and polished sets.