Thursday, May the 4th | 8pm to 12.30am


“Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart” Bonnie Tyler

Come see what artists have to say when the heart is only partially eclipsed, when light battles the darkness, and opposites must coexist. After the success of our exhibitions Twist in my Sobriety at Kaufhaus Jandorf in October 2013, Open House at Konzulát for Art Week 2014, and our first Berghain art & music happening Turn Around Bright Eyes in October 2015, Your Mom’s is once again ready to blur the edges of electronic art and live music. We bring together over 30 multi-disciplinary artists of different horizons to share their take on drone techno and synth pop, on digital imagery, radiance and shade, life hardships and creative hope. 13 musicians including HITO (ENTER), 6zm, Neven, Hithertoo, and Simonne Jones, will open the live stage by improvising for the very first time together, you will witness how creative energies mix and evolve from noise to music; Autist and Los Angeles electronica darlings Rainbow Arabia (Kompakt Records) will follow live as well. The visual art will be up all evening long on two levels featuring BlackCracker, Carla Chan, Crystalmafia, Martin Eder, and many more.

AUTIST (ex Aniaetleprogrammeur), the two Berlin rock and alternative fashion scenes’ darlings behind the brand Tata Christiane, blend epic synths and guitar, noise pop rock and teen angst lyrics for a loud and hypnotic LIVE result. The duo are back in Berlin after their Los Angeles debut at From Berlin to LA festival, and ready to release their new EP on Springstoff on May 5.

Multidisciplinary artist DORIT BIALER uses the language of taxonomy and infographics to break down emotions and abstract situations. At first, she seduces the viewers with colourful and playful shapes, then reveals a disturbing reality. Her ANIMATED MAP series picks up on human emotions and confronts the viewer using sarcasm, humour or empathy.

Japanese electronic music artist and vinyl DJ, HITO, will demonstrate in the LIVE IMPROV the unique style and aesthetics that made her the crowd’s choice ambassador for Japan and Richie Hawtin’s ENTER sound. Her incredible ability to entertain electronic music lovers with charm and energy comes from her passion for emotional techno, and from her will to share her culture and define a palette of sounds she relates to the five senses that shaped her life.

HYENAZ are electronic musicians and Butoh-inspired transgressors. Their work uses techno-shamanic ritual and found sounds to transform contemporary states of domination into sites of interpersonal transformation. Feel the inner change during the LIVE IMPROV.

JAMIE HARLEY is a Paris and Bangkok-based VIDEO artist, a „cult filmmaker,“ according to Dazed & Confused. His recycling of found footage mixed with original material confronts the viewers with the meaning of reality. Harley has released more than 200 videos over the last few years for artists such as Koudlam, How To Dress Well, or Clams Casino among others.

VIDEO artist JEM THE MISFT blurs the boundaries between real and virtual, fluctuating between the micro and macro, using light refraction and crystallisation to transform her digital content merged with handmade sculptural objects into fantastical environments. Jem has worked with Paula Temple, Sonos Studio LA, Convergence, Krake, Mutek Mexico festivals, etc.

LISA WASSMANN’s MOVING PHOTOGRAPHY mixes her different skills and interests with a subtle mystical flair from video to psychedelic collaged images for fashion or lifestyle magazines such as Neon, Pitchfork, and Vice or electronic music artists – but this time underwater.

MAGRITTE JACO is a creative activist. Her cross-media projects create a playful dialogue between ethology and conceptual art, where reality opposes genuine experiences, this time through music and field recordings in the LIVE IMPROV.

MARIANA JUKICA is a Berlin based filmmaker; currently in post-production on her debut feature length film Coke. Champagne. & Cigarettes. Her VIDEO piece, constructed from the raw movie footage, is an interpretation of the film, based on the corresponding transmedia project: Y:FRAgMENTEd, and is inspired by light and darkness.

NATACHA MANKOWSKI & RESI BENDER are a duo of artists mixing architecture and scenogaphy. Inspired by fiction, meditation and trance, they produce ‚metaplays‘ as an extrapolation of reality, as rituals involving the public and questioning how we experience images in a VIDEO INSTALLATION inspired by their recent trip to Los Angeles.

MARTIN EDER is the most renowned contemporary German artist with a passion for exploring the spirituality of darkness, the light of life, and every visible or invisible state in between via traditional painting, photography, VIDEO, music, hypnosis, and performances.

Founder of CDM, technologist and musician PETER KIRN teamed up with visual artist GABRIELA PROCHAZKA to create an atmospheric LIGHT & SOUND INSTALLATION in Berghain’s infamous dark room.

What Pitchfork say about RAINBOW ARABIA’s freshly released third album L.A. Heartbreak on Kompakt Records: “The L.A. electro-punk duo Rainbow Arabia make their smoothest, most popfriendly, and sophisticated statement yet.” After seeing them at From Berlin to LA festival, we bring them LIVE to Berghain.

VALQUIRE VELJKOVIC is a multi-dimensional artist. His body of work includes a variety of
photography, music and fashion VIDEO, as well as performance, music, and installations. Valquire’s artis his concrete statement, with a recurrent aesthetic of dark brightness.

Full lineup in alphabetical order:

Autist (live), Baptiste Moulin (wall of sound), Black Cracker (video), Carla Chan (video),
Catherin (improv), Dorit Bialer (video), Eurodance Studio (video), Gabriela Prochazka & Peter Kirn (installation), Hithertoo (improv), HITO (improv), Hyenaz (improv), Jamie Harley (video), Jem The Misfit & Arielle Esther (video), Kieran Behan/Crystalmafia (video), Lisa Junghanss (video), Lisa Wassmann (video), Magritte Jaco (improv), Mariana Jukica (video), Martin Eder (video), Neven (improv), Rainbow Arabia (live), Natacha Mankowski & Resi Bender (installation), Simonne Jones (improv), Sky Deep (improv), Valerie Renay (improv), Valquire Veljkovic (video), VC Kristi (improv), Viriya Lynch (improv), and 6zm (improv).

The show is organized and curated by Your Mom’s Agency, with the huge support of all participating artists, Berghain, Concept Audio, Holger Rettschlag, Native Instruments, Percena, and the SA