Marcos In Dub & Samu – NVM18001

Novo Music´s next release is from two hugely talented artists who have a long history in electronic music. Marcos In Dub & Samu give us an impressive 4 track EP, which adds to the burgeoning roster of quality sounds coming out of the Novo stable where unique identities and style meet. Marcos returns to Novo after a bit of a hiatus, last time out was back in 2014 with his You Got Me EP and since then he has notched up a large back catalogue on several labels worldwide. Growing up he listened to funk, house and hip hop. In the beginning broken beats were his daily bread, constantly consuming rhythms. As time passed he began exploring new sounds and techniques, always pushing the boundaries. In the DJ booth he always delivered for the crowd, he’s played all over the world and held long term residencies in Madrid. His repertoire is beyond eclectic, but his sound is consistent in both quality and creativity, taking the listener on a mental trip. Samu was influenced by his Father and late Uncle, who worked together in the 80’s and 90’s. As a child he listened to lots of music, but techno constitutes a fundamental piece of his initial works. In 2008 he realized one of his dreams, teaming up as a producer and head of management for the label Novo Music together with his friend Leix which led to worldwide support of their music.

Kicking off the EP we have the tech house fuelled N.Y. Sex which intros with a thumping kick drum and cool shuffling hi hat combo. Rhythmic percussions stack up alongside surreal harmonic keys as a deep sub level bassline rocks the low end. Striking chord stabs line up against invasive pads that seep deep into your mind as contrasting bright, melodic keys join in. A definite dancefloor destroyer for the purists.

D.I.Y.A sets out with a solid punchy kick drum alongside cool, crispy hi hats and equally cool layered percussions that generate an infectious rhythm. A smooth, laid-back bass stokes the groove nicely as playful keys dance through the construction, morphing into cosmic level sequences, captivating the mind and body. The distinct tech house vibe oozes quality thanks to the tight arrangement making this an absolute must have for any set.

Felony intros with a rich synthy vibe complete with cool filtering FX. A deep probing bass rises from the depths, shuddering the floor while airy cymbals and stuttering hi hats deliver the rhythm. Stabby bass hits ride alongside the bright synths creating a colourfully textured sound that mesmerizes and forces you to move. This one has a story to tell, and it’s going to tell it on the dancefloor.

Ocoder wastes no time in getting right down to business with a punchy 808 style broken kick drum and subtle hi hat sequence. Dark sounds fade in creating a chilling atmosphere as an abyss level bassline comes through. Rhythmic percussions get the blood flowing while robotic voices add a space age theme. Surreal acid lines mingle with that super plucky bassline for an infectious and hypnotic journey that is not to be missed.

Release date: November 28th 2018

Format: Digital