Tominori Hosoya / Tomi Chair – Tropical Imagination

Tokyo’s insider tip Tomi Chair aka Tominori Hosoya has created some proper stuff for dreaming on the next EP coming up on Francis Harris’ imprint Scissor and Thread.

During ‘Tropical Imagination’ floating pads and distant soundscapes are providing a mood as light as a feather in the summer breeze. While the title track picks you up with some playful percussions and a rather straight beat, its ‘Dream Version’ and ‘Heat Exhaustion’ are carrying the thoughts away to distant places. Followed by field recording enhanced ‘We Are Here’ by his second moniker Tominori Hosoya, the Ep closes with Francis Harris’ charming version of ‘Tropical Imagination’.

This exciting mix of leftfield-ambient and dreamy House is definitely heating up these cold days!

Out: 01.02.19