Polygon Club Berlin

23:00 – 24. Feb. um 12:00
Wiesenweg 1 – 4, 10365 Berlin

Here they come. The best B:EAST BERLIN of all time. With steel feet and gold hearts. What are always delivers her Hottest and weirdest memories. The stuff of electronic dreams The stories that move deeply, deeply in the heart and which our children are never allowed to hear. Because let’s be honest, what’s going on in the dark, that’s no concern. Behind the walls of steel and concrete we build our own world and what happens there stays there too. A small, warm universe of music and good humor that expands one night and devours everything like a black hole at noon the next day. But hey, you have to live LIVE. You can not tell that! You make concrete shake. So, finally, see, you are the B:EAST and that’s how it will be forever!

Birthday Music Line up:

★★★LineUp Bunker Floor★★★

★★★LineUp Ballroom Floor★★★
Steve Challier
Patrick Bell
Sven Swade
Maze & Masters
Ady Toledano
Italo House Lounge
Mr. Fonk

and our Amazing Host Bella Be Lievé ♥

*Big Darkroom