Release Title – Catharsis
Release Date – 25.10.2019

The Berlin-Copenhagen based duo uon represents a new kind of synth-electro in which industrial beats, playful organ, synthesizer, and strong vocals mix.

Cartharsis is uon’s second EP and entails five up-tempo songs which lyrically explore the topic of existence from different angles. In the raw sound universe, synthesizer patterns, deep and distorted basses, vocals, and industrial beats are on the menu.

Catharsis will also be released on vinyl. It can be ordered from

Artist Bio:
Anna Sharifi is a Danish producer and songwriter with Persian roots. She comes originally from jazz, but in Berlin she has discovered her passion for the electronic club scene. In her compositions her past in the jazz, her crush on techno and her partly Scandinavian, partly Oriental origins glister simultaneously. In 2015 she met Nina Branner, a Danish pianist and Indie rocker, and that was when the seed to uon was planted.
The duo has played some of Berlin’s most exciting venues like Silent Green, Kater Blau, ACUD and Klunkerkranich and has also performed at several festivals and toured in Denmark and Sweden.
Since 2018, the live act has been teaming up with the female-pushing-management WHO’S THAT GIRL.

uon’s debut EP “evoL” was released digitally in June 2018 and was met with press quotes such as:
“Really exciting music… very promising sound” – Christoph Schrag, Fritz Radio
„Dark synth pop with techno vibes – pretty dope!“ – Karrierekanonen

*Artist Quote: *
“One day after listening to Mathangi Arulpragasam (M.I.A.) being fascinated by how she manages to merge message and music, I was reminded that there are no rules about what a song should be about. So the process of writing the Catharsis-songs has been very much about following impulses and trusting my gut feeling and not so much about theoretical knowledge – both music and lyric wise. It’s been a way to get out of my head and see what occupies my subconscious. None of the songs are “love songs” in the traditional sense, instead they are about visions, moods, doubts, fears and hopes somehow related to existence.
I am drawn to unpolished, pulsating beats and a present bass because they represent some “elemental force” to me. Especially a bass sound that I found on a synthesizer almost my age (Ensoniq KS-32) struck me directly in the core – in a good way – and has become what connects the songs to each other. “ – Anna Sharifi (composer and producer in uon)

Release Track list:
1. On You
2. Sweet Denial
3. Borders
4. Noise
5. What If