Ism. ‘Fear Our Love’
Label: Mellow Grind, Sores
Cat#: MG4003, SORES016
Physical format: LP Edition of 100 copies in deluxe Japanese style hardback gatefold sleeve.

It took the band 36 hours to compose, record and mix the album.

They got a couple of deals that fell apart and some 15 years later they decided to release on their own on, namely on the singers Sores label known for for releasing abstract and harsh music like: Merzbow, Basic House, KAGAMI Smile to name a few.

The album could compare to conceptual albums like Mansun’s ‘Six’ and The Cure’s ‘Pornography´ with a heavy dose of Nurse With Wound, Christian Death and Loop.

The members come from acts like The Great Depression and Spite Cathedral with additional musicians from legendary Danish post punk band Before, Karsten Svendsen from Hinsidan and Ludvig Cimbrelius from Purl.

It’s a ride you late will forget…tune in..drop out..and howl at the sun!