Label Name: – Cosmic Incantations
Release Date: – Tuesday, April 27 2021
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Track Listing:

1. Elvin T – Fantasie Impromptu (Be Ur Dog)
2. Owen Ni – Cyber Funkin
3. The Jambonies – Paternal Instincts
4. Frank Agrario – Harare

Record Sounds Like: For fans of Bawrut, Ilo, Reda Dare, Morgan Geist, NuGroove Records, (Old stuff that sounds like the future, and new stuff that sounds like old stuff)

Absolutely huge 5 track EP from Cosmic Incantations, compiled to move you forward! Featuring acid leanings, some sassy party tracks and even a few moments of hazy introspection, exclusively on vinyl!

Artist Quote – „We set our blasters to stun, set your warp-drive to THRUST!“