Ellen Allien and the We Are Not Alone collective are back with a second edition of the We Are Not Alone series. A 36-track compilation split into 3 parts, each consisting of 12 cuts, dedicated to the infamous We Are Not Alone event series and the best of Berlin’s underground techno talent.

Ellen Allien’s innovative party series We Are Not Alone was launched in 2016 and remains committed to inviting an exciting crew of artists to perform at the 36 hour events, now in a new home at RSO.BERLIN, where they returned with bang over 36 hours and 3 floors in May.

The We Are Not Alone compilation features artists that have played at the parties, as well as those who will join the line-up for future events. The 4th, 5th and 6th parts include music by Ellen and established names such as Thomas P. Heckmann, Dollkraut & DJ Europarking, Francois X, Phase Fatale and Etapp Kyle. Rising stars Nene H, Nur Jaber, Stephanie Sykes, Wallis and Métaraph. BPitch signings include Rosa Anschütz, Shaleen, Matasism and Uncrat.

For this instalment of the series, Ellen Allien collaborates with esteemed director and photographer Stini Roehrs for the multidisciplinary project ‘’AFTER DARK – Emotional States of Techno’’, consisting of a virtual rave film, book and exhibition produced by AKKURAT Studios, and the We Are Not Alone VA, which is to be released physically and digitally via BPitch.

The next We Are Not Alone parties take place at RSO, Berlin in July, August and October of this year. 22nd July, CSD weekend, is set to be a single night event on two floors. 20th August a We Are Not Alone floor during the RSO Club Festival and then we’ll be back for over 30 hours on 15th & 16th October.

Tracklist (Pt. 4)

  1. Reka – We Are The Future
  2. SDBX – Moon Flight
  3. Ellen Allien – Reality
  4. Francois X – Toxic Angel
  5. Wallis – All You Had, You Wasted
  6. Thomas P. Heckmann – Contagion (BPC Edit)
  7. Crystal Geometry – Eyes Closed (VA Edit)
  8. Matasism – Mind Control
  9. ASEC – 2001
  10. Uncrat – Choco Krave
  11. Karl Kave – This House is Burning
  12. Dollkraut & DJ Europarking – MSB4000-06

Tracklist (Pt. 5)

  1. Julian Muller – Got’Got
  2. L.F.T. – Hypothetical Revenge
  3. Callum Magnum – Juicy Beat
  4. Brutalismus 3000 – Nightclubbing (Brutalismus 3000)
  5. Phase Fatale – Surgical Manipulator
  6. UFO95 – Br0ken
  7. UFO96 – Pünk
  8. Gotshell – Decisiones
  9. False Witness – Nadeshiko
  10. Callum Magnum – Pressure
  11. Einsidler – In A Special Kind of Space
  12. Stephanie Sykes – Neo Romance

Note: track 4: Composer: Iggy Pop, David Bowie
Writer: Iggy Pop, David Bowie
Publisher: Tintoretto Music, James Osterberg Music, BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited, EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

Tracklist (Pt. 6)

  1. Lokier – Disclosure
  2. Etapp Kyle – Moveon
  3. AnD – Happy In Major
  4. Imchaos – Alien Cry
  5. Blush Response – Confession
  6. Shaleen – Suction of Relativity
  7. Nur Jaber – When I‘m Gone
  8. Nene H – OMG
  9. Denise Rabe – Psychic Survival
  10. Deepneue – Berliner Syndrom
  11. Metaraph – Dulcet Acridness
  12. Rosa Anschütz -Nectar