Following the release of „String Layers“ in 2020, we are back with a second edition in our series with 21 previously unreleased tracks to celebrate the variety and diversity of string instruments. The series is put together to highlight music which exists between the avant-garde, contemporary-classical and instrumental worlds.

„To celebrate release day, Federico Bisozzi shares a gorgeous minimalistic video for his contribution ’Anatomica’, directed by Filippo Grespanideo“

“This is a dialogue between strings and sequenced synthesizers. A musical counterpoint that in its continuous contamination and transformation strives to metaphorically come off the ground“

Tracklist & Credits

Julia Kent – Echo Of Wings
Sophia Jani & Darian Donovan Thomas – Tulips
Field Kit – Seismic
Clarice Jensen – Steeple
Justina Jaruševičiūtė – Into the Deep
Rooydad, Sharon Chen – I Could Have Lived Differently
Freya Arde – Shimmer
Federico Bisozzi – Anatomica
Jessica Moss – Trapped Cycle
Francesca Guccione – Mare Tranquillitatis
Natalia Tsupryk – The Trees Will Swing
Toechter – Filiabilia
Otto Lindholm – Carnac
Moritz Fasbender feat. Katharina Deissler – Verona
Daniela Savoldi – Pensieri Velati
Wyldest – Rainstorm Utopia
Karolina Gutowska – Ïna
Merve Salgar – Fly In The Wall
Enno Voss – Shape Of Blue
Tonal – Schau Mal
Andy Aquarius – The Mere