Kelvin Sholar Live Featuring Klaus Frauenholz 21 Uhr

Award-wining Black American pianist Kelvin Sholar will perform a live set of Tech-Jazz featuring creative sound artist Klaus Frauenholz as part of Debug: Music Technology Days.

Sholar has recently been dubbed a “modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci” (Deutschland Radio Kultur/ Ilke Butzmann-Lorenzon) because of his noted ability to not only output high quality content in several different musical genres, but also his creative exploration of new music technology (endorsing several instruments) and mathematics.

Sholar’s “Tech-Jazz” set will feature live recreations and inspired improvisations on well-known Detroit Techno classics by Jeff Mills, Rob Hood and Juan Atkins- as well as well-known Jazz classics by Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis in a Techno setting.

Come and hear why this music and this artist is called “what’s happening now in Detroit!” (Laurent Garnier) and why “never before has Jazz been more present in Techno” (Jazzthetik/ Wolf Kampmann).

Ritter Butzke
Ritterstrasse 26, 10969 Berlin