Beim ersten Lesen könnte man glatt den Eindruck bekommen, das Beghain wäre zu Gast im Prince Charles. Aber nein es ist Berlin’s First Electronic Open Mic Jam. Also eigentlich son bißchen wie im Humboldthain, wo Mittwochs jeder mal an die Decks draf, nur eben weiter gefasst. Als Idee sogar ganz cool.

Prince Charles / Prinzenstrasse 85; Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg; 10969 Berlin


Hier kommt der Promo Text:

Line-up /
Andy Roda
MizMoni aka Monica Lewis Schmidt
Eric D. Clark
SALLY aka Nikolaos Symeonidis
Desney Bailey
Wanja Kirilova Janeva
The Beat Investor Collective
The Church is a brand new sanctuary for artists, musicians, DJ and producers alike, and for the children of Berlin who simply enjoy soul stirring music. This stage is all about letting the Muse flow freely and spontaneously through the artists’ voices, knobs and instruments, with no pretense, no ego. Music creates opportunities – the dance floor creates communities. This is a nod and homage to the legendary “Body & Soul” parties as well as the Ballroom scene in New York City, where classic soul, disco, house, electronic music is the common language, and where the heart of the ministry is simply to:
Vocalist / Host:
Andy Roda (NY/DK)
Special Guest Vocalist:
MizMoni (US) aka Monica Lewis Schmidt
Eric D. Clark (US) // SALLY aka Nikolaos Symeonidis (Ibadan Records)
With Special Guest Apperances incl.
Desney Bailey // NightStar// Wanja Kirilova Janeva //
The Beat Investor Collective
…plus more to be announced!
High Priests / Holding Consciousness for XTRA Fierceness:
Norman Methner // Christine Pedersen (Ibadan)
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