kosmonaut club berlin-4

Do Your Dance ! The One Step Beyond Party im Kosmonaut Berlin

Get your moves ready for this special night of HANDMADE and HINTERGRUNDRAUSCHEN playing all vinyls back to back! This killer team will catapult you into aural Heavens. On the second floor CARLOS DE BRITO will mix in grandeur everything that has that certain beat and will make your inner member shake and your feet do the steps you didn’t know before. Back this time is LEYK who adds another ecstatic flavor of supreme House, rare classics and solid Tech-House asking for your bodies undivided attention. Come and dance the MEMBERS-dance!

Carlos de Brito

Sa 27.09.2014, 23.59h

Kosmonaut, Friedrichshain, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
S Ostkreuz or S/U Frankfurter Allee