Schönhauser Allee 9, 10119 Berlin

PLATOON is welcoming us with a custom special cosy setting to allow us to both dance in an intimate space and cuddle in the corners.
Dancefloor & La-Z Boys, Clubbing & Cushions : it’s CUDDLE PUDDLE!


Julie Chance
Julie Chance’s passion for house music has seen her emerge as one of the most exciting faces at the forefront of the current underground scene in Berlin. As well as collaborating with her partner in crime, Jon Dark, on productions under the moniker ‚Chance&Dark‘, she established and co-runs MY HAUS Records.

La Fraicheur
Marathon DJ from Paris via Montreal, now Berlin-based, La Fraicheur has been brewing for over a decade her own blend of acid synth deep house tech tracks that makes her so truly happy inside. Since happiness is contagious, she’ll make you dance like nobody else. Bring your deo if you’re afraid of B.O

Santiago Lecce
One of the crew behind Eat More Beef Music, Santiago Lecce knows how to serve it up to the most carnivorous of house music diners. Starting out secretly playing his ex boyfriend´s records, the Buenos Aires born Berliner became full criminal by taking half the collection and making them his own. Booking other Premium talent by day, before showcasing a collection of cuts that gets the most stubborn herd moving.

having religiously followed diverse music streams, this shepherd navigates from eclectic & deep to heavy bass & grime soundscapes. never abandoning his critical approach, he plays distilled and essence-rich sound.

10 PM – 5 euros
come early for a drink, stay late for a cuddle.