K O O K O O – Friday, May 6, 10pm

:: music
JAURES (Die Orakel, Shtum) // www.facebook.com/jauressicpark
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/mieko
ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/kookoo

:: art
VESSELIN ATANASSOV (video works) // www.vesselinatanassov.com
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion) // https://yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com
CARLY FISCHER (sculpture & photography) // www.carlyfischer.com

OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

It’s been said that we work on the surface, the depths are a mystery. It’s also been said, by a German poet who goes by the name Blixa Bargeld, that the only thing you can count on is unreliability. »Beständig nur ist eure Unbeständigkeit,« Bargeld once sang. So let’s try to keep to the facts, to the few ones at least that are apparent on the surface of things.

In fall 2014, during a KOOKOO night at OHM Gallery, people experienced one of the first materialisations of a phenomenon called JAURES. Most records of the event describe JAURES as a cluster of musical information organised by two young men who like to stay immersed in the depths of mystery. They will be back at KOOKOO on May 6 to aggregate and (dis)organise even more raw sound data, but that is pretty much all we know.

»The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery,« Anaïs Nin once said. »There is always more mystery.« In fact, on May 6 at OHM, there will be a lot more. There will be works by VESSELIN ATANASSOV, who explores the invisible formation of mind that occurs through our lives and reflects all its essential elements. He experiments with lights and holograms with a strong focus on presenting the truth of the present moment.

YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI creates installations and interventions based on the inspiration he gets from each specific site, mostly working with stop-motion video works. This results in visual feedback loops enhancing the experience of everyone present in the given space at the given time.

CARLY FISCHER works with sculptural installations reflecting the precariousness of place and cultural identity in an increasingly globalised contemporary reality. She fabricates replica environments that inhabit an ambiguously hybrid and fascinating space.

Your KOOKOO hosts, MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA, welcome you to a night of unforseeable events. There will be music. There will be art. There will be people. There will be dancing and chatting, drinks, hugs, and kisses. That much you can quite safely assume. And you can find out about all the erratic that’s left to discover for yourselves. Blixa Bargeld once sang: mit dem mond und unberechenbar…