Feinstoff is exited to have Tici taci’s INAKTIV (live) on Aug 4th in the light of KaterBlaus next Katermukke night.

INAKTIV is an organic/electronic duo functioning between Tirana and Brighton. Members include Tirana’s dj/electronic producer Lindi (aka Uj Pa Gaz) and Albanian born/Brighton based Genti, of alternative outfit Via Tirana.

INAKTIV started life early this year (2017) with a 20 minute live session for Radioblog Tiranas Eyeblog then on May 5 they released their debut ep ‚ZEPP‘ with Duncan Gray’s London based label Tici taci, containing three original tracks and one remix for ‚It Apostrophe S‘ from Future Bones.

A music video for ‚Entertain Us‘ followed the release. The band has since played a string of shows including an improvised set with Damo Suzuki of CAN, and opening for K-X-P in Tirana. Together they also run music label Olimpiada Records.