Start NACHTS 15.2.2019 Humanoid! Drum n Bass im Humboldthain Club

15.2.2019 Humanoid! Drum n Bass im Humboldthain Club


Humboldthain Club
Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin

Charge your batteries, put dancing shoes on and bring friends!


DNB FLOOR (NeuroFunk, Deep, Liquid, Techstep, Jungle)

Data 3 (Souvent//Soul Trader//Addictive Behaviour//Skank and Bass//Drum and Bass Arena //Flexout)
PRTCL (DSCI4 // Flexout Audio // Notion Audio)
Fallout Boy (Humanoid)
WARP (Cryptic Dimension//Nasty Rollerz)
SP3C1 (RaveRiver)
MC Joe Raygun (Uprise Audio//Flexout Audio//Cuberfunk)


ABSURDISTAN FLOOR (organ hits, love music, terrorjazz)

Reuse (Infopoint//humboldthain)
Kreme DJ ( infopoint//the funky strut)


Visuals: Abstract Monollog
ArtWork : i l l u j e a n & Huma
Deko: Humanoid Crew


There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and violence. If you notice these behaviors, be sure to tell the crew about it. We will react immediately.
Respect the deco!
No photos!


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