killekill vanta series launch party
About Blank // start: 24:00

Line up:
KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME – live (killekill, vanta series, mote evolver)
DEZ WILLIAMS – live (killekill, vanta series, shipwrec)
JOE FARR (bloc, leisure system)
DJ FLUSH (killekill)
ALIENATA (killekill)
KUNO & SPACEINVASION (terminal operations)
FRANK&DAVID (monolith records)

After a fabulous summer and a mind-blasting Krake Festival, Killekill takes its next step and kicks off another new label.
Vanta Series is a label which is destined for small series of 12″es with out-standing dancefloor tracks.

The name derives from Vantablack, a colour from nano technology, which is the blackest black and is actually invisible. Vanta therewith stands for the total emptiness and is the perfect name for a label which does not have any identity itself but is only a platform for different series, which will all have completely different approaches and come with a different artwork and design each. The first series is called „The end is near“. It consists of 4 releases and comes with an artwork by French artist Elzo Durt. Every release will contain a small poster, all four posters put together become Elzo Durt’s piece „Les anges de l’apocalypse“. For the kick-off party at About:blank Killekill invites the two artists who delivered the first releases:
DEZ WILLIAMS has been around for almost 20 years, staying true to his very own sound of electro, acid and also banging techno. He recently released on Shipwrec, Trust and various other interesting labels and what he delivered for Vanta now is a pure bliss of acid.

KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME is the techno alias of Christopher Jarman, who had sort of an accidental drum and bass hit as Raiden many years ago and and has been releasing and playing out Drum and Bass ever since, until he started his KSP alias a few years ago. Techno has always been his true passion, Christopher says, and you can actually feel it. Raw energy and an amazing sound design are his trade mark. His tracks got immediately signed by Luke Slater for his Mote Evolver label and after he played for Killekill several times, it was obvious he would at some point release music on our labels as well. He delivered three percussive monsters for Vanta 002.

As a special we have also invited JOE FARR from leisure system who recently his second album on Bloc Records. He remixed a track for Vanta 002 and made a serious hit out of it. You better be prepared for a smashing leftfield techno set from him! Local heroes KUNO & SPACEINVASION, Killekill residents DJ FLUSH & ALIENATA as well as FRANK&DAVID round the line up off.

The End Is Near. See you on the dancefloor!