Start NACHTS 4.8. GANG GANG @ Prince Charles Club Berlin

4.8. GANG GANG @ Prince Charles Club Berlin


Berlin has a long and strong history of music. These days in our generation producer and DJ culture predominantly circulates around clubs and rave, to please the peoples need to move to rhythms in an elevated mindstate in rather anti-social conditions. What is being missed by all ya’ll is a permanent common ground for real human and creative exchange… Nothing that we, corporate brands or the government could built here in a day, but something that we can seed as an idea to grow and hopefully manifest into reality some day soon.

This next episode, we as Gang Gang are taking it upon ourselves to get you guys together a bit early for fingerfood and shit. All this to form a social environment to be provided for like-minded people from different backgrounds, but the same generation, to network and connect with each other. A fertile ground to mix up, fuse and elevate our own understanding of music, values and culture, for us to ultimately become one scene one day. How idealistic, innit…

Line-up is gonna be LARGE and will be announced shortly. Setting the vibe in the comment section…


04.08.18 I 19h I Prince Charles
Prinzenstraße 85F I 10969 Berlin

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